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ANSCHÜTZ target rifles are known worldwide for their accuracy, precise construction and unmatched shooting performance. The excellent characteristics that allowed ANSCHÜTZ sporting equipment to dominate national and international competitions such as the biathlon since 1856 can also be found in the new ANSCHÜTZ semi-automatic precision rifle with a .22 l.r. calibre.

The MSR RX 22TM is a joint development by three German companies: ANSCHÜTZ, GERMAN SPORT GUNS and ESC Ulm.

The goal of this cooperation was to develop and produce a highly accurate semi-automatic rifle with excellent shooting performance that is suitable for the dynamic disciplines as well as precision shooting at the shooting clubs BDS, BDMP, DSB, DSU and VdRBw. The resulting product is an all-round sports device for discerning customers.

The ANSCHÜTZ MSR RX 22TM model is a modern small-calibre, self-loading rifle with a .22 l.r. calibre. It contains a force-locking blowback action with a hammer lock. This weapons system made by German Sport Guns is well known, sophisticated and has been sold 150 000 times.

The MSR RX 22TM uses an ANSCHÜTZ sports barrel as well as a high-quality trigger system with an adjustable trigger weight from approx. 1500 g - 2500 g.

During development and design, care was taken to ensure that all operating elements are installed on both sides of the weapon. This ensures equally good operation for left- and right-handed shooters.

We use the results and experience of IPSC shooters in the development and optimisation of innovative sports rifles.We have exposed the MSR RX 22TM to the same extensive tests as our hunting, biathlon and target rifles to provide our customers with a sophisticated product. We have used the knowledge and experience of Dirk Frey, one of the most successful sports shooters (dynamic disciplines).

Once the MSR RX 22TM had passed the internal ANSCHÜTZ test procedures, the rifle was extensively tested by Dirk Frey under realistic weather and shooting sport conditions in the respective disciplines. The experience gained was integrated into the development process.